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RDR Professionals expert product development and distribution team has a keen eye for identifying superior and innovative product, as well as an extraordinary ability to design and implement profitable distribution operations.  Our team has helped develop, source, manufacture and distribute over a hundred products in the last fifteen years, grossing over $1 billion in retail sales.  This outstanding track record is possible only because RDR’s independent consultants possess unprecedented knowledge and experience with traditional and non-traditional distribution channels, and their ability to consistently deliver for leaders in the Direct Marketing industry.

RDR has contributed to the success of products in all channels of distribution: Direct Response TV, print, radio, continuity, retail, catalog, and electronic retail.

Paul V. McKenna - Senior Consultant

Mr. McKenna has over 17 years of retail experience at various levels, for companies such as Robinsons, Broadway, Bullocks, Bullocks Wilshire, May Department Stores and Macy’s. He also possesses over 12 years experience in operations, warehouse/fulfillment, inventory and customer care at such companies as Kent & Spiegel, NewStar Media Inc., OneWorldLive and Buckhead Marketing & Distribution, LLC.  He selects and manages fulfillment centers and the outside services needed to support multiple products; oversees the processing of all direct response, international and retail orders; reviews fulfillment invoicing and set-up and provides analysis and reports on fulfillment and customer service. Contact: paul@rdrpros.com

Robert K. Kodaira - Senior Consultant

Mr. Kodaira has over 22 years experience in retail management and analysis with Macy’s, Bullock’s, Robinsons-May, and Broadway Department Stores.  He was also responsible for planning, merchandising, and allocation for three divisions at Consolidated Stores, with an annual sales volume in excess of $285 million.  Mr. Kodaira’s background in operations and analysis within the direct response industry includes senior level positions with Vertical Branding Inc., Worldwide Excellence, Buckhead Marketing & Distribution, One World Networks, Kent & Spiegel Direct, and was the VP & General Manager of National Fulfillment Inc.’s West Coast Operations.  Mr. Kodaira specializes in forecasting, monitoring and analysis of inventory, material resources planning, reporting, systems integration, warehouse management and logistics.  Contact: robert@rdrpros.com

Jeff Browning - Senior Consultant

Mr. Browning has over 20 years of experience in international sourcing and materials management, and over 10 years of Direct Response product development including Ab Trainer, Ab Coach, and the Bun & Thigh Sculptor.  He is uniquely skilled in specialty sourcing for housewares, cosmetics and nutritional supplements, and has developed custom turn-key manufacturing programs worldwide (Canada, Mexico, Asia, and the US).  Mr. Browning’s specialties include product development, product sourcing, cost analysis, procurement plans, kit manufacturing and assembly.  Contact: jeff@rdrpros.com

Kenneth K. Yoshikawa - Senior Consultant

Mr. Yoshikawa has over 30 years of operations management in retail and multimedia marketing experience. Prior to joining One World, Mr. Yoshikawa served as Vice President of Operations for One World Live and Kent & Speigel Direct, where he managed the manufacturing, purchasing, telemarketing, customer service and operations of the company facilities. Prior to Kent and Speigel, Mr. Yoshikawa has held several senior executive positions with such companies as Macy's. Robinson's and Bullocks. Mr. Yoshikawa  specializes in manufacturing, sourcing, purchasing, fulfillment, telemarketing, and customer service.

Contact: ken@rdrpros.com 

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Johnnie McRae Jr. - Senior Consultant

Mr. McRae has over 25 years of management experience in food distribution and fulfillment operations at companies such as Vons, Kent & Spiegel Direct, OneWorld Direct, National Fulfillment Inc. and AMS Fulfillment.  Mr. McRae strongly believes in giving back to the communities by contributing through church and his charitable organization MTM Foundation Inc.   Mr. McRae  specializes in distribution, manpower management, warehouse distribution, fulfillment and customer service

Contact: john@rdrpros.com