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RDR Professionals expert product development and distribution team has a keen eye for identifying superior and innovative product, as well as an extraordinary ability to design and implement profitable distribution operations.  Our team has helped develop, source, manufacture and distribute over a hundred products in the last fifteen years, grossing over $1 billion in retail sales.  This outstanding track record is possible only because RDRís consultants possess unprecedented knowledge and experience with traditional and non-traditional distribution channels, and their ability to consistently deliver for leaders in the Direct Marketing industry.

RDR has contributed to the success of products in all channels of distribution: Direct Response TV, print, radio, continuity, retail, catalog, and electronic retail.

Worldwide Excellence Incorporated




Home - PetVac, WedgE†


Beauty - Botopical, Youth Factor, Cellucare, True Ceramic Pro


Health - NutriPower


Fitness - Body Burner, AB Revolutionizer†


Personal - Believe U Can Achieve, John Grey Ė 9 Day Relationship Makeover.




Direct to Consumer, Web, International










Vertical Branding Incorporated




Home - SilkZzz, Tool Band-It, SteamBuddy, Hercules Hook, †† Zorbeez, MyPlace, MyPlace Cozy, GeniusAir, NicerDicer, Detect, EcoBall, EcoSaver, Ice Scraper, Micromen, Streakfreeze


Beauty - DermaFresh, Starmaker, e70, Hot Legs




D2C, Web, BBB, Linenís & Things, Walmart, Boscovís, Macyís, Staples, Target, CVS, QVC, HSN, BJís, Dr Leonardís, Walgreens, Rite Aid, International.

Buckhead Marketing & Distribution, LLC




Beauty - Perfect Lift, Time Restore, Simply Clear, Ultimate Cover, Lip Restore


Personal Care - BodyBreeze, SerenX


Diet - Peel Away The Pounds, Drink & Shrink, Inches Off


Fitness - NatraFlex Golf Glove, Perfect Grip, Bun & Thigh MAX, GinSwing




Direct to Consumer, Web, International

OneWorld Live, LLC




Beauty - FirmaLift, Leigh Valentine Non-Surgical Facelift, Donna Mills "The Eyes Have It"


Diet - Ultimate Lean Routine, ULR Nutritional Bars, CarbFighter, XO2, Weight Away, CarbBlocker, Pure Energy Shake


Fitness - Body Former (Bollenger Pilates)




Direct to Consumer, Web, Shopping Channels, International

Kent & Spiegel Direct, Incorporated




Home - Sobakawa Pillow, MiracleBlade, MagnaDuster, QRB, MicroCrisp, Delete, The History of Rock & Roll, SandAir, The Revolutionizer.


Beauty - Facial Magic, Colorscape, Color 2 Color, Ultimate Dress.


Fitness - Bun & Thigh Sculptor, AbTrainer, AbSculptor, AbCoach, CloudWalker, Denise Austin Flip Track, Body by Jake.




Direct to Consumer, Retail, Catalog, Electronic Retail, International


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